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Lash Extensions in
New Albany, Indiana 

At Meraki Lash and Beauty Bar, we believe that lashes can transform your look. From Classic to Full Volume, our different sets of extensions allow you to achieve customized styles to enhance your eyes.

Lash Sets

The Classy Set

$169 Master Lash Artist

2 hrs Master & Lash Artist

A subtle, but classy look for your lashes covering about 60% of your natural lashes. Your Lash Artist will help you decide on the length, and curl to best suit your eye shape, and give you the most captivating look for your eyes. You will leave feeling refreshed, beautiful and classy. 

Volume Full Set

$229 Master Lash Artist

Up to 3 hrs

Volume Lash technique carefully creates fans of 2-6 extensions to each nature lash to create a voluptuous, must have look. Perfect for anyone desiring more of a dramatic, fuller set. Service is only done by a Master Lash Artists.

Volume/Classy Mix Full Set

$199 Master Lash Artist

2 1/2 hrs

Volume/Classic mix is a combination of the "Volume Technique" mixed with the "Classic Technique". Creating a full, fluffy more natural look. Service is only done by a Master Lash Artist.

Lash Fills

Coming in for your lash fill every 2 to 3 weeks is ideal for keeping your lashes looking great!

Classy Fill

$69 Master Lash Artist

75 min

Get your Classy Set back to your desired look. If you would like them fuller, Classy Full Set Fill Plus is your go-to-fill. 

Classy Fill Plus

$99 Master Lash Artist

105 min. 

Extra time in your fill in will make you feel like you just received a full fresh set of lashes! 

Volume Full Set Fill

$99 Master Lash Artist

75 min.

Fans of 2-6 extensions to one natural lash. 

Volume/Classy Mix Full Set Fill

$89 Master Lash Artist

75 min.

Lash fill mixing volume and classy lashes.

Lash Correction & Removal 

Have you have received lashes from a different salon and either need them removed, and put back on, or fixed? Don't worry, we have your back and would love to help you!  


Lash Correction


2 hrs

We will consult and assess what needs to be done to successfully and carefully remove or fix your current lash extensions. 

Lash Removal


We will remove your professional lashes done by us for free.

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